Best Albums 2020 So Far

Best Albums 2020 So Far

Alien Nosejob, the solo project of Australian punk veteran Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hierophants, Leather Towel), are a delight. Their latest 12-inch release, Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud, . On one hand, who can think about stuff as trivial as this? On the other, what else is there to do? If art was made to fill a cultural vacuum, well… nows the fucking time, buddy. Hopefully, youve .

This year has provided numerous memorable features. Here are some of the best features to come in hip hop so far in 2020. . From Hailey Whitters to Hayley Williams, from King Von to Christine and the Queens, here’s a supercut of just the good parts: The songs that have challenged and delighted and comforted us through a .

Heres what 2020s brave new faces had to say for themselves in 2020, from banging disco, jazz-pop, punk and beyond . Oftentimes when people think of hip hop production as an art form, their minds eventually wander to the art of sampling. It is one of the pillars of production, as the skill has been a part of the .

Best Albums 2020 So Far : Talking Heads’ influence also drifts into songs like the spry jitter of The Jungle (where Hickey’s prowess as a drummer is evident) and the brass-enhanced party vibe of Leave a Light On – one of . “Its the kind of video that reminds me of why I love being in a band and touring,” Wizard told The Fader, which premiered the clip today. “Its also the kind of video that would have inspired me to .

Billie Eilish Show was only a few months ago, but believe it or not, we’re already more than halfway through the next Grammy cycle. The eligibility period for the 2021 ceremony is . Of all these years, some of the best times I had was during my boarding school life at New Era High School Panchgani. Thanks to the lockdown, I’ve had time to clean my room and that meant having a lot .

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