Best Indie Bands 2020

Best Indie Bands 2020

If 2020 were a Batman movie it would be Batman & Robin. What had so much potential (George Clooney! Arnold Schwarzenegger! Uma goddamn Thurman!) was promptly dashed by plot-twist that quickly went . We’ve made finding new songs by rising bands easy. Each week, we’re gathering the best from the underground and offering it to you in one concise list. .

Sometimes, there are days that feel slightly incomplete without the sound of renowned actor David Thewlis’ singing voice. Luckily, the new National Geographic series “Barkskins” offered the actor a . This week we have Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Ministry of Sound, Pete Tong, Kaiser Chiefs, Tim Burgess and many more to enjoy. .

Supergroup SPICE (Ceremony, Sabertooth Zombie) have released a new single ahead of their forthcoming self-titled debut record. . The commonwealth might be in the beginning phases of getting back to a more normal-feeling pace of life, but many residents are sticking to their quarantine routines to avoid the coronavirus. It’s .

Best Indie Bands 2020 : In addition to new episodes of his HBO series Room 104 and some other projects he’s not at liberty to discuss, Duplass is newly devoted to revisiting some ideas he once shelved for not being . The first thing to know about “Notes on a Conditional Form,” the fourth album by the British band the 1975, is that it’s 22 songs long. The second thing is that none of these songs sound much like .

It’s a rare occasion for the TVD reviews team to have weighed in on the same LP several years apart. We put them side by side today—with surprisingly similar results. —Ed. The Mekons are one of the . While the state has been in lockdown, New Jersey Stage has been working behind the scenes to add new features to the website.  One of the most prominent areas of focus has been with our radio station, .

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